Organisations and individuals working together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and how practitioners should conduct the assessment of children.

Safeguarding Principal PlusIt is essential for organisations to keep abreast of the most current legislation and best practices surrounding safeguarding and the welfare of children and staff.

Accurate guidance clarifies the core legal requirements, making it much clearer what individuals and organisations should do to keep children safe and promote their welfare.

Principal Plus provides establishments with the necessary support, guidance and tailored solutions which adhere to the latest guidelines. Working in collaboration to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

We work with a range of external agencies enhancing our skills and expertise further by accessing the most current, relevant training and information. We then include this in our workshops and evolve our training to ensure you have access to the same tools and support.

Our safer recruitment service also provides establishments with the security and knowledge of knowing that each and every candidate has gone through a rigorous comprehensive vetting process and all necessary clearances, reference checks and medical checks have been completed. This is a flexible service that allows you to identify and buy in exactly
what you need.

Safer Recruitment Training

Delivered on site /off site to senior leaders, middle management or all staff on a bespoke basis. This training clarifies behaviors which constitute safe practice & assists staff to work safely and responsibly whilst monitoring self performance and minimising the risk of malicious allegations.

Safer Recruitment Services

From advertising through to appointment and a range in between – References and Medical checks, DBS checks and all appropriate clearances, ID checks, visa requirements and right to work.

Policy and Procedures

Safe practice policies and procedures to cover all eventualities ensuring a safe working environment for children and staff.

Child Protection

Identify, respond and protect children and staff. Best practice and strategies used through recognised external agencies including Ambassadors for Think you know, CEOP and Netopian.