Considering Health & Safety Outsourcing?

Managed Health & Safety Outsourcing Hull Yorkshire UK

The importance of Health and Safety at work cannot be overstated and nowadays more and more schools, local authorities and businesses are looking at Health & Safety outsourcing.

Did you know…“Schools are responsible for a child’s safety while they’re at school or on a school trip”.

An employer has both a moral and a legal obligation to ensure that all employees work in both a safe and healthy environment. Good work practices effectively pay for themselves as day to day operations remain free from disruption, insurance costs are minimised, the workforce remains contented and pupils are consistently learning in a safe and secure environment. The Health & Safety Executive enforce Health & Safety policies within the UK and although information is plentiful, there is little time to read through them, let alone fully understand them. Our fully qualified team are available to support you with every area of Health & Safety.

Risk Assessments

Specialist H&S Consultants are available locally to discuss and implement policies tailored to your individual needs.

Have peace of mind knowing that legal obligations and risks have been identified by an expert in this field and you as the employer have minimised risk.

Managing Health & Safety

Controlling dangers at work is no different from tackling any other task – recognising the problem, understanding it, deciding what to do and putting the solution into practice. If you have five or more employees you will need to have a written Health & Safety policy statement. This sets out how you manage Health & Safety in your organisation. Through careful planning and bespoke research the experienced team will work with the responsible employees to ensure all policies and procedures are detailed, specific and relevant to the establishment.

Health & Safety Training

Everyone who works for you needs to know how to work safely and without risks to health. You must provide clear instructions, information and adequate training for your employees. Basic to advanced Health & Safety courses are available. These can be tailored to meet the needs of the establishment and can be specific to encompass key areas such as the design technology department. Courses can be created and delivered to small and large groups. Accredited courses are available along with the management roles for Health & Safety.